"I'm learning to fly, but I ain't got wings. Coming down is the hardest thing..."

The nice man at the table behind us (drinking coffee) gave Tyler two silver half-dollars. Why? No idea. But it was very nice!

Had a lovely day out today. Went with the boys to IHOP for brunch. There is something special about eating breakfast at a time of day other than breakfast time.

We stopped at BJ's (our current warehouse superstore of choice, the Sam's Club membership is currently expired) to check out their prices on monitors. Not great. I got a cool set of specialty scissors tho. There are like 10 different kinds of shears that cut paper in various cool patterns. The feeling I had after buying them was fleetingly familiar......ah yes; the feeling you got as a child buying your new school supplies for the year and Mom let you pick out some fun things like fruit scented markers.

Next stop was Castle Park. Nice park...all cedar with loads of climby goodness. Hot, however. Too much direct sun. Tyler tired of the heat and crowd quickly, so we decided to move the play to our own local lakeside park. Much better. Nice and shady.

Am feeling the urge to cut something with scissors...

The park and Lake Musconetcong are just down the street from our house. I love the view from here.


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