Well, the sun has set on Mother's Day 2005. Happy Mother's Day to all my favorite Moms out there. I had a pretty quiet day. Got to sleep nice and late (love that!) Watched my boys play Super Mario Brothers on the old Nintendo that John found in the basement. I was wondering if Tyler's new found gaming skills would be transferable from the GameBoy to the full sized Nintendo. Oh ya. No problem there.

I got a lovely card and gift from my son. He is so thoughtful for a three year old! Heh heh... (Thanks John.)  My present? Sims 2 University! An add-on pack for my Sims 2 game. Looks like I get to go back to college and whoop it up with my Sims.

The cherry on the top of my day was dinner from The Clay Oven. Mmm mmm! Nothing like a plate full of chicken curry, navratan korma, basmati rice, raita and loads of naan bread to make me grin from ear to ear (and probably blow flames out my hindquarters later).


And I didn't hear from my mother. Not that I really expected to. She is as stubborn as I am. We'll see who calls who first.

On to other news....

We heard from Tyler's birth grandmother today. We hear from her periodically. Yes, it's an odd situation. She calls us for computer help/advice and for advice on how to handle her daughter (Tyler's birth mom). Sometimes she just calls to chat. Today she wanted advice on debt consolidation. Why she thought we would be experts in that area, I haven't a clue...but John gave her some good advice anyway. He really is great with finances.

We also found out that Tyler's birthmom no longer has internet access and she was wondering if we had sent any pictures. That sucks, but we aren't going to foot the bill for her any more. We did it for 2 years, that was long enough. It was really convenient to just check the box in my address book every time I was sending out photos to the rest of the family. Now I'lljust have to make an extra effort to get prints to mail to her.

So, I spent a couple hours today scanning back through the thousands of Tyler photos I've taken since the beginning of the year. I sat here and tried to get inside B's head. What kinds of things does she want to see? She probably doesn't care about the rest of our family, but it's nice to show that Tyler does have loads of people who love him. There are very few photos of me, because I am the one taking all the photos...but there are tons of photos of John and Tyler together. I tried to have some balance. Tyler's every day life, the fun places we have been to, and visual demonstrations of his developmental milestones. I think I did well. I hope she enjoys them.

Now I have to type her a letter.  What to say...what to say...


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