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John had a great idea today. He suggested we take Tyler bowling. OK! This is something we've never done with him before. I love "firsts". So John went on a hunt around the house for our bowling bags. (Yes, we used to bowl quite frequently back in the day...but I haven't been in probably 6 years or more.)

With my pretty purple bag containing my pretty purple ball and purple & white bowling shoes and John with his teal bag and pretty teal ball with black bowling shoes in hand, we waltzed into Rockaway Lanes with Tyler leading the way.

Wow...Rockaway Lanes has changed! They have laser light bowling now. John and Tyler's basic white tee-shirts suddenly lit up like spotlights...I love black light! I caught Tyler's gleaming neon blue grin as he pranced his way down the carpet to lane 23. They had bumpers all set up for us. That's a great thing. No gutter balls.

After exchanging Tyler's kids size 10 shoes for size 9 and locating an 8 lb bowling ball for Tyler in a lovely shade of sherbet orange, we were ready to roll. I set up the computerized scoring with John in the lead spot, followed by Tyler, then myself. That would give me loads of time to take pictures, naturally.

Woe is me! My bowling shoes no longer fit. Not with my feet swollen up like birthday balloons. Ah the joys of edema. So it was rental shoes for me also. Yuck. These shoes looked like they've been around since the Nixon administration.

Tyler had fun, at first. But he isn't the most patient of youngsters and grew tired of waiting for it to be HIS turn. He did enjoy shoving that ball down the lane. John finally located a 6 lb ball that was a bit easier for him to manage.

I bowled amazingly well, considering how long it's been since I last held a ball. It's funny how those bumpers take away your subconscious fear of gutter balls. I only hit the bumpers twice (one time it helped me get a strike). You can check my photo of the score board to see who won the match.

I think we will wait a bit before we try bowling again. Tyler had fun, but he was done well before all our frames were.

We stopped at McDonald's in Rockaway for dinner. They have the nicest indoor play space I have ever seen in a fast food joint. Tyler was completely worn out by the time we headed for home. He was sound asleep in the car in no time.



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