No willful cheerfulness from me today. I am in a pissy mood!! So fair warning.

1. We got our tax returns back. Normally this would be an occasion for celebration, but husband turned right around and invested the Fed return into two IRAs for he and I. Bleh! Then he invested the State return into a 529 for Tyler (that is a tax deferred savings plan for college). No mad money! Pooh! We could have gone to Hawaii soooo easily on that much money. Ah well. Can't fault Mr. Sensible. I just hope I am around to enjoy all this lovely saved money.

2. Sometimes being a woman just sucks. Like today, for instance.

3. Does anyone have any hints, tips or cheats for Hamster Ball? ARRRGH! That game is sooo friggin frustrating! And of course Tyler wants me to finish all the levels so the higher ones are unlocked for him. *sigh*

4. I just got the supermarket order yesterday and there is nothing in the house that I want to eat.

5. I had to download a new Nick Jr. game just so I could avoid having to play Hamster Ball AGAIN. LOL Now Ty is asking for me to play this one for him too. He likes to just sit here and watch me play. *sigh*

6. I have the urge to go spend money. (p.s. I already spent some the other day when PMS was at its worst. Honey? I got a new desk chair...FYI. It has built in massage. Hope that's ok. I'll share.)

7. I need a nap. I had more to moan about but I've forgotten. Sleep fogged brain...




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