I am still in organizing hell...the "organize Becky's office" project is seemingly insurmountable. I think I have made progress (but it sure doesn't LOOK like it).

The latest find in my treasure trove of saved crap is a large collection of AT&T sponsor Olympics pins...all but one from the 1998 games in Nagano, Japan. I have two complete sets and then a bunch of individual duplicates. I did a little research and it looks like these pins sell for $5 each. If that's true, I've got a pile of cash on my desk right now.

Apparently, pin trading is or was a hot hobby. I may have missed the boat. Anyone out there know anything about collecting and trading of enamel pins? I have one pin from the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, GA also. This pin I got because I was a volunteer at an AT&T Sponsor event just before the opening of the Olympic park/village.

The other interesting thing I came across (well, interesting to ME anyway) was my AT&T desk diary from 1997. I have one for 1998 too. I used to use these pretty red leather, gold embossed, library bound calendars to record my daily activities. It was fun to flip through the pages and see all the work minutia I had recorded...long forgotten systems and processes from my days as an Information Applications Manager (IAM) in Wholesale Markets.

Every now and then, I see a personal entry among the work junk. One in particular jumped out at me. Recorded for posterity...April 19, 1997. "Off to the hospital at 8:15 PM with severe abdominal pain."  I obviously made note of this AFTER my hospitalization when I was home for weeks on disability (also noted in my diary) to recover from the most intense health crisis I have yet suffered. That was THE big one. The one where endometriosis not only took my ovary and tubes, but almost took my life. Funny how it's all boiled down to one sentence in an old work calendar.

Ah well...into the trash they go.


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