I don't like prison movies. I don't like movies about sports. I don't like most biographical movies either. But every now and then I see a film that technically qualifies as one of these categories and I am riveted. In the past, these movies have included The Shawshank Redemption, Dead Man Walking, A League of Their Own, The Green Mile, The Replacements...

Last night I saw Murder in the First. I know...the movie is from 1995. Back then, I wrote it off as just another prison movie. For some reason, last night I finally decided not to change the channel. I'm glad I didn't. Kevin Bacon as Henri God that man can act! He's come a long way since Footloose. Christian Slater was also excellent (as always). I am still drying tears! Powerful, powerful story. I highly recommend it.

In an odd twist, just as the movie ended, I turned to look out the window. As I was drying my eyes, the rain turned to snow as I watched. 

Before Murder, I also saw A Midsummer Night's Dream (from 1999) with Kevin Kline (who knew he could do Shakespeare?!), Michelle Pfeiffer (ditto!), Stanley Tucci (what a body on that, Rupert Everett (he's hot!), Calista Flockhart, Christian Bale (yummy)...ok. Enough name dropping. It's...what's the expression Stuart? Chock-a-block? full of big name talent. I liked the interpretation of the play...they set the story in Athens, Italy at the turn of the 19th century. Bottom introduces opera to the fairies. Wonderful soundtrack on the film. I ran right off to Amazon to buy it and two other opera CDs (best of the arias and best of the duets).

I think I am getting hormonal, because the music from Midsummer made me cry also. Weepy weepy girlie girlie! Must be nearing that time of the month.

Anywho...if you haven't seen these films, they get two thumbs up from me. Have some tissues handy. 


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