It's almost unreal how quickly Tyler took to online games. I may just have to put him to work helping me earn my Pogo game badges. He switches easily between his Dad's laptop and my desktop PC. No problems with mouse confusion. I've been spending some time finding fun games online that are age appropriate. Anyone with kids have any good websites to recommend?

Another developmental note: Tyler's first word that he can read, spell and type? POOP. Ah yes...the sophistication of a 3 year old boy. He loves to type POOP in my IM windows and send it to my friends. (Honestly...I'm not yelling POOP at you all. Really!)

Thanks to recent efforts to locate good Knock Knock jokes for a pal in England, Tyler has discovered the joy of Knock Knock jokes. Big giggles from the "Boo Who?" version. Total hysterics for the "Orange you glad I didn't say Banana again?" one. He even makes up his own jokes. Of course, they make no sense...but he is hugely amused by such gems as:

"Knock Knock!"

Who's there?


Bingo who?


HAHA funny one, son.


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