* John and I are still sick. I'm just coughing and coughing and coughing. It's been worse in the least I am getting SOME sleep. Tyler seems fine.

* Why does my Aunt Flo always pick the worst possible times to visit? My wedding day? Come on! At least it didn't show up while we were on vacation. But Aunt Flo and my coughing fits are making my life interesting. I need to buy more undies. Sorry to be so frank.

* Anyone else besides me notice that all the recent horror films seem to start with The? The Ring. The Village. The Curse. The Grudge. Hmm. What does that The add to the mix. Maybe they should make a movie called The THE. Ooo. Spooky.

* Anyone watch Wife Swap? The episode last night was GOOD. Funeral Director's wife swaps with wife of a guy who "dropped out". He sold the family home, quit his job and moved them into a converted BUS to live. Took their two kids out of school and has been home-schooling them on the road for 2 years. Funeral Director's Wife was horrified at how they were living. Why am I mentioning this? Well, apparently Tyler was paying attention to the show last night. John was working in NYC today and all day Tyler kept telling me he missed his Daddy. So, like always, I asked if he wanted Daddy to quit working and stay home with us all the time. Usually Tyler's answer is an enthusiastic YES. This time Tyler's response was a vehement NO. His reason? "I don't want Daddy to stop working. We'll have to live in a BUS! There's no room in there for my blankies. They wouldn't like it there." Ha! What a kid.

* "Look Mommy! I have 'noculars!" I looked up from my dinner and Tyler is looking at me through a pair of binoculars from across the room. I had a mental flash of Ty in his teen years using those spy glasses to peep at the teen girls next door. Can he just stay 3 forever?


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