"I can't believe he actually took him to the party...I am so anxious to hear how that all went...send an e-mail if you don't want to post about it, okay? I don't know how you got over that...I am STILL mad for you..." JAE

Well, since you asked... We had a long talk about the party. Tyler really adores his two cousins. They all play together so nicely too. I just couldn't see penalizing poor little K for the garbage his parents were spewing at us. Of course, there was no way in HELL I was going to the party. John bit the bullet, swallowed a touch of pride, and took Ty to see his cousins.

Things were mostly civil, but Tyler didn't have as much fun as I had hoped. He is used to having his cousins' undivided attention, and this was not the case at the party. Too many little friends that Ty's cousins see and play with much more frequently. So Ty was feeling a little left out.

The party was at a place called The Little Gym. Ty hasn't had any exposure to tumbling or overly structured play before, so it was a bit of a bewildering experience for him. All the other kids there apparently go to this place a lot and knew the routines. Ah well.

John says Ty did ok, but after running around like a little wild man for a bit, Ty plopped himself down on a floor cushion and said, "I don't want to play any more. I'm pooped." This was followed by a lengthy coughing fit. We are all trying to shake this lingering cough, but Ty's coughing earned John some "evil eye" looks from other parents. Heh.

At the end of the party, John's brother approached him and matter-of-factly stated that all plans for my MIL's surprise birthday party were a go. Such arrogance. Just assuming we were going to go along with what they planned. John calmly said, "That's great T, but we are still angry with you guys and have no plans to attend."

Apparently T got quite pissy and said "This is for MOM you know!" We know. We already have other plans to spend quiet time with my MIL to celebrate her birthday. T just has no clue what they did wrong. He said as much to John. I give John a lot of credit for not starting something and, instead, keeping his cool.


I hate family drama. I wish everyone in our family was sensitive to each other's feelings and respected each other's differences. We don't like being looked down upon and treated like second class citizens in this family. We don't always have to approve of what the others do, but keep your opinions to yourself!


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