A) I am late with the end of last week's Quipster challenge...but the winner (with an 11th hour entry) is Paul (Belfastcowboy75)! His quip "Nothing like a bike and the open road for prostate massage and colonic cleansing." totally cracked me up! Good one Paul! Your turn to select a quipable photo and deadline for this week. :-)

B) Today was Tyler's 3rd birthday party (in more ways than one). He is now 3 AND he has had 3 parties. What a kid. ;-) Photos from the party can be seen HERE. The video is telling when I will have time to edit it and have some fun.

C) My tree is all decorated! Hmm. It looks a little skimpy. I think we need to go shopping for some more ornaments. Or I might just swipe all these super hero action figures Ty got for his birthday and hang them on the tree. ;-) I already have my collection of Looney Tune figures that I got from McDonalds like 10 years ago hanging on there.

D) Back before my Mother got all Victorian "designer" with her Christmas decorating, we had these cool icicles to hang on the tree. They were white translucent plastic. Big deal, right? Here's the kicker! They glowed in the dark! I used to swipe one off the tree, leave it on my window sill all day to get a nice "charge" before bed, and then read under my blanket that night by icicle glow. It was amazing how bright those things were. I need something like that for our tree.


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