Ty had a great day yesterday. It started with a hallway full of balloons to run through the moment he woke up. His first birthday gift of the day was waiting for him at the end of the balloon gauntlet. He got Caillou's Tree Fort. My friend Kim also sent him a Max & Ruby DVD. It took a lot of convincing to get him away from his "pretend Gilbert is stuck in the tree and Caillou rescues him" game so we could go out for lunch at his favorite play place. Since having his party at Time In didn't work out (we've changed to Chuck E Cheese for the convenience of his cousins' schedule), lunch at Time In was a great idea. No fights with the other kids this time. ;-)

After Time In closed for the day (we stayed as long as they let us), then it was off to buy a little cake. His special Spiderman cake will be ready for his party next week, but they had these cool superhero candles at the market. We grabbed three of them (makes sense, right?) and headed for home. Tyler wanted cake immediately, so we had to talk him into at least eating his leftover lunch. He takes after his mom. Why eat chicken when there is CAKE?!

The cake was delish, as always. I love the ShopRite bakery. The finale to the evening was the new (used) Sega John got off Ebay to replace the one Ty broke a few weeks ago and a TON of new driving games. Yay Daddy! They were age appropriate too. Not always easy to find these days. So Daddy and Ty video gamed the evening away and because Ty had no nap, he passed out at 8pm. So did Mommy!

If you want to see the day's events in photos and video, you can see my latest video production HERE. I recommend a high speed internet connection. It's a 5MB file. Give it a mo to load then press the play button. I had a blast with this one. I am getting quite proficient with this video editing package (Pinnacle Studio8). [big grin]


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