Hunt Entry

I have an entry for this weeks photo scavenger hunt! Yay! And for good measure, I am adding a photo for last week's challenge too. I've wanted to participate in all of them, but time just seems to slip away from me.

So...this week's theme is Desktop "Before and After". I had a good excuse to clean my desk up because I had to make room for my new monitor. The old one was a 19 inch monster on top of a monitor riser. The riser had loads of papers and junk under it, next to it...the monitor had stuff piled on top of it. Well...see for yourself. My office is VERY cluttered.

Well, it's not perfect, but it's a big improvement. :-)

Last week's mission was to show a photo of our mode of transportation. Many clever folks took pictures of their feet. I do NOT walk if I can avoid it. Heh. I am a tad exercise phobic. ;-) I didn't have a full photo handy of my rather boring mini-van. But you can see the back end of it in the photo below. The other car was my pride and joy; a Ford Contour (they don't make them any more). It was fully loaded. V6 with leather bucket seats, CD stereo, power moon I miss that car. But it was just too small for our growing family. I sold it to a very nice woman for her daughter to take to college. What a great mom! I would have killed for a car that nice when I was a teen. Yeesh the clunkers I limped around in...eye sores and scrap metal - the whole lot of them.

So here is my van (I expanded the photo with a pic of the same model/style of van I have) and my old car (now sadly gone). I am already thinking about my next vehicle purchase. We didn't have many options in this van because it was originally a company fleet vehicle (DH bought it from the company when he was downsized). My dream van would have OnSTAR, a GPS system, DVD entertainment system built-in, power sliding side doors and rear lift gate...ahhh! Someday, perhaps.


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