We're back! What a great trip...I highly recommend a trip to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls. Ya know, it's funny...I never knew there were more than one set of "falls" up there. I feel kinda stupid! I thought it was all one big "fall". In the movies I guess I only ever noticed the big rush of water and not the actual layout of the area. That big rush is MIGHTY DISTRACTING. Anyway - all went well. We just had a couple restless nights in the hotel when noisy neighbors moved in next-door. First was the Hispanic couple who played their Mexican radio station at FULL VOLUME to drown out the sounds of Nothing like jerking out of a sound sleep to screams of ecstasy and Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass playing "Tequila" (any Pee Wee Herman fans remember his dance to this tune?) Vaguely disturbing, really. Then there was the Jacuzzi lovers...3:30 AM wake to sounds of energetic splashing, giggling, hum of Jacuzzi, and other interesting noises. *yawn* They didn't wake Tyler at all. Thank the heavens for small favors. Vacation photos can be seen here. I did manage to whittle them down from 214 to 129. Don't feel obligated to view them all. But there ARE some great ones towards the end to entice you. ;-) Now I need a nap... (Oh! And more pics to come later...gotta get my underwater camera's shots developed.)

Here are a few nice info-links about the attractions we saw in Niagara:
Niagara Parks
Marine Land
Everything Else


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