Continuing on the theme from yesterday, I thought about what should fill the "void" that is left when the TV is turned off. Music is an obvious choice. But what kind of music? I am a very patient person, but many types of "kids" music drive me up a wall (such as the Wiggles). I found a couple music collections that I actually ENJOY listening too and, of course, I must share them.

Number 1 choice: Laurie Berkner! I recently spent some of our dwindling savings on ALL of her albums. Tyler is enjoying them thoroughly. Music: Whaddaya Think of That? Interesting factoid: Laurie has played private parties for Madonna's and Sting's kids.

Number 2 choice: Music: Choo Choo Boogaloo This one may give you a clue that my taste in music is varied and odd. I love Zydeco music and Tyler just boogies his heart out when we play this.

Number 3 choice: Music: Golden Slumbers: A Father's Lullaby For those who have babies or toddlers who have a hard time settling down at night - I love this lite jazz collection. Tranquil and a nice listen.

The rest of what I play consists of random collections of toddler hits and MP3s copied from various sources. I am a big fan of vintage Sesame Street hits and copies of big name stars and the re-done versions of their number 1 hits for guest appearances on Sesame Street (The Goo Goo Dolls have a GREAT one with Elmo, but my all time favorite is the REM tune "Furry, Happy Monsters" to the tune of Shiney Happy People).


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