Where oh where has my motivation gone!? The house is a mess, my kitchen is a wreck, I have no clean sheets for the guest room...and company is coming on Friday. I know I agreed with my husband that Tyler should have a relationship with his grandparents. But I find it hard to get excited that they are coming down to visit. In fact, I am really dreading it. They will be watching Ty on their own on Sunday when we go to my friend Norman's wedding. This will be the first time Tyler has been with "sitters" at night for more than an hour.

I think it's nice that my parents volunteered to come down and watch him so we could go to the wedding...but I don't have any confidence that they can handle him alone. Plus, I don't know what I am wearing, I don't feeling like cleaning, I don't want them here...I just want to stay home. Whine, whine, bitch, bitch. OK. I am done now.


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