Uh oh...

Blogger is trying to force the issue with me and this "new" version conversion. I've heard some horror stories about lost widgits and add-ons...I'm scared! I guess I'll back up my template and hope for the best.

Update on Max...his heart is OK! Whew. Now we just need to get through the appointment with the ortho-doc about his hips. And this virus he has currently. Poor kid has junk pouring out both ends. Plus congestion. I'm willing to give away household items in trade for babysitting. Anyone want a nice set of canisters? A collection of cookie tins? I really need a nap.

I want one more big snow storm before Spring sets in. And my scattered brain is fried. I guess that's it for this entry.


Donna. W said…
I wish I had a little guy to babysit once a week or so, just for fun. I need a baby in my life again! My grandchildren all insist on growing up. I'm glad his heart is OK.
Sara said…
So glad that Max's heart is ok... hope the other probs clear up for him soon. I will babysit, or I would if I lived closer, for free too, just to get me some little one hugs :o)
Sara x
BosieLadie said…
Oh! So good to hear Max is okay, sorry he's got the crudd. I hear the east coast is getting a huge amount of snow this weekend, so your wish has been granted. Meeting online... my guy and I did the same, all those years ago.
BosieLadie said…
p.s. I switched to the new BLOGGER version months ago, and haven't had any problems! You'll be fine, especially if you back up everything first. Good luck!
Oh, I am so glad to hear about Max's heart! If I feel this much relief, I cannot imagine your relief. And whatever happens about his hips, you will cope.
I do know it feels as if you are barely coping now, though, and I wish I could come help with him. Alas, Meg won't let me babysit for Myla, because I am so unsteady. It's paiful, but probably the best for Myla. At least I could keep you company.
You will catch up on your sleep, but I remember how tough it was from nearly 34 years ago! Take as much care of yourself as possible, okay?
Oh I am so relieved about his heart!!!

That is the best news I've heard all week!!
Anonymous said…
aww poor max, hope he's on the mend now. i'd babysit if you were closer :) netti

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