Sometimes I Just Need a Donut

It's been one of those weeks. The kids' pediatrician seems to have a special talent for making us completely panic. She's very nice about it and we appreciate her utter lack of ego. I like her "better safe than sorry" attitude but sometimes I really don't want to hear things like "your infant son might have a hole in his heart."

So that is where we are now. During Max's 4 month checkup, his doctor detected a significant murmur that just wasn't heard in any of his previous checks. That raised some alarm bells and off we went to the Children's Hospital that poor Tyler has become so familiar with since his kidney saga began. We just got home. Max was a trooper during his echo test (ultrasound of his heart). Now we'll just cross our fingers and pray frantically that our sweet baby won't need open heart surgery.

Poor Max is also scheduled for a sonogram of his hips with a pediatric orthopedist. Something about "clicking" and the possibility of chronic dislocations. I don't know if THAT problem could lead to surgery, but it might at least end in some sort of brace. Let's hope not.

I've heard some parents lament about the chronic worry that having kids seems to generate. And it never goes away. We will be worried about our kids until our dying days (and probably on into the next world too). It would be nice to go at least 3 months in a relatively worry-free state. I don't see that happening any time soon.

So, yes. I asked John to stop at Dunkin Donuts on the way home. Eating junk isn't the healthiest way to relieve stress, but after munching on an apple filled cinnamon and spice donut, I feel a lot better. I honestly wonder why ALL mother's aren't as heavy as I am. Then I remember that some moms use (eeesh) exercise to relieve stress. I just can't see how that works.


Pickle Jenn said…
Good Luck Guys...
I know it is a scary thing to deal with your child's health...
I'll keep you all in my prayers...

And I always fight stress with food... ;)
Laura said…
oh no!!!!
you better keep us posted.
worried cyber auntie praying tonightthat this gray hair moment is all for nought.
hugs guys!
Sara said…
Oh Becky... what a worry.
Please please please keep us updated m'dear. You are right, worrying is something us parents do pretty well. I ease my worry with cigarettes I think, I just eat food because it tastes sooo goood ;o)
((((( for the wee ones )))))
Sara x
Astaryth said…
Eeeek! Now that we've got the panic thing done....

I was born with a hole in my heart (small, but it made the 'backwash noise')... Back then (over 40 years ago), the waited in the hopes that it would close on its own... It did except for what my doctor calls a 'pinprick' hole. It's never bothered me, and as you know I've led quite the athletic lifestyle ;p. Soooo.... hang in there, it might sound worse than it is. KEEP US UPDATED! I'm going to worry now till I know it's not a problem!
Anonymous said…
Keeping Max in my thoughts and prayers.Please keep me updated.
And as for the are correct as to it never ending.
My oldest is (almost) 21.And I have severeal gray hairs to show for it ; )
Oh, Becky, I am so sorry for your stress, and will keep Max-and you and John-in my thoughts and prayers. I will be waiting for the results.
And I'm sure you know this: never in Meg's whole life have I turned to exercise for stress relief. A doughnut seems a small thing to have-I'd want a half a dozen at least. Margo
Anonymous said…
Please keep us informed on what happens with Max, I will be keeping both your boys in my prayers. As for stress, food always worked for me. And yes, it shows. ::sigh::

Hugs from us. We're hoping all is well with Max the Munchkin.

hugs and love from my whole family. I know it is much harder to have a sick kid than to be sick yourself...and it is so scary when you are afraid it is something serious.
Chris said…
Make mine jelly filled, please:)

Happy Valentines Day!
My Blog
Donna said…
Hey Girl! I soooo owe you a long ass email! I got the Christmas card and OMG!... An adorable new munckin! How exciting. As for the "hole" in the heart...hope all goes well. I myself had one and it wasn't discovered until I was 22 at which time it was repaired. Now they can even do it without opening the chest. Anyway email me. So much to tell you and catch up on. Donna aka dockart...
As for the there another way?
Shari said…
Did the results come back from teh echo?
I hope all is well with the little guy!
How's Ty doing?
They are both in my thoughts :)
And I do Agree...sometimes you need a donut ...or a dozen, lol!

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