A light! I see a light!

Ah, that proverbial tunnel. I've realized there is more than one. Life seems to be a series of tunnels and every one of us are searching for that light at the end of one of them. The tunnel I just reached the end of has to do with baby Max. He finally slept through the night for me! He went to bed at 9pm and woke up at 7:30 this morning. I'm so happy I could do a head spin!

We had another first this morning too. Max's first solid poop. (Aren't you glad you kept reading?) Typical baby poop is more the consistency of rice pudding or mashed potatoes. I was surprised to find something more akin to a couple of Tootsie Rolls. I think Max was a little backed up, because less than 30 minutes later he had a diaper full of mashed potatoes too. But it was interesting to catch an early glimpse of Max the big boy.

Now the odd part. (There is almost always an odd part with me.) Anyone else with kids...does the smell of your baby's poop bring on the urge to visit the bathroom yourself? It does with me. I don't need any laxatives to get moving in the morning, apparently. I just need to sniff Max's butt. That's a little ewww and I have no idea why that happens.

See what happens? I don't write for a long stretch and then all you get is baby poop. *sigh* At least I sat down and wrote SOMETHING. I was afraid I forgot how.


Pickle Jenn said…
Oh my goodness.
He is getting so big!!
Look at that hair... its so much lighter :)

And anytime I go to the bathroom with one of my kids, I seem to have to do it afterwards too... lol

So, I guess you aren't alone :)
Shari said…
Holy cow! He is getting huge! Ahhh baby poop, lol I will be blogging soon myself about it ;)
Becky you look radiant and so in love with that baby boy of yours!
Astaryth said…
Max is getting sooo big AND cute! You too look beautiful together!

LOL at the poop thing... I thought only horse (or animal care givers in general) spent a portion of the day discussing the consistency, frequency,and look of said poop!
Cynthia said…
Y'all are just so cute.
jennifer said…
Becky, I think he looks like you. And I ain't talkin' about the poop. I don't do baby poop. Puppy poop I can handle. Baby poop sends me running for the hills.
Anonymous said…
HAHA! I thought that was some strange thing that happened to me. But sometimes my kids stinky diapers would send me to the potty room too! Too funny. I just laughed myself to death reading what you said.
Max is adorable!
Laura said…
i love baby poop stories!
even more, i love this mama and baby picture. you both are gorgeous!
Anonymous said…
Great picture of you and Max.
Sara said…
Aww, love the Mommy and Max pic :o) You make me laugh Becky, can't say I ever noticed that J's smelly bot had me wanting the loo, but others have agreed so I guess it must be true! Am now thinking there must be something wrong with me, J's bot didn't make me want the loo!!! Congrats to Max on his first full night :o)
Sara x
Awww...babay butt sniffing...one of the undersung pleasures of life.
love, Kas
BTW, you look INCREDIBLE!!!
Anonymous said…
OMGosh, look how big and handsome Max has gotten so quickly! He's adorable.

Hey, I didn't even mind reading about baby poop! LOL

Nancy said…
Cute entry...I guess congrats are in order!
Hey, if dogs sniff other dogs poop to "get it going"...why not you?

Anonymous said…
Love the picture of you two.
Very sweet indeed : )
BosieLadie said…
aww!!! I love this photo of you and Max, precious!
freeepeace said…
Beautiful photo!

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