Happy Thanksgiving!

My thoughts are all over the place these days, it's difficult to write a coherent sentence. I've been going through all my photos from this year to try and select at least 12 for the annual Year of Tyler extravaganza calendar I make for friends and family every year...oh, but wait. Now we have Max too! So this year's calendar will take a sudden and startling turn in October. Now I need to come up with a new name for the calendar too. Hmm.

While going through a year's worth of photos, I find myself lost in fond memories of the places we've gone and people we've seen. I came across this photo I snapped of my friend Heather and her daughter Sarah and thought, "How great would this shot be if only John hadn't wrecked it?" LOL! My poor husband. I had to delete him.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Sorry sweetie, I'm afraid the shot looks much better without you.

On to my next disjointed thought... Check this out!

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Look at the delicious swirl on the back of Max's head! I swear, I did NOT comb it that way! His hair does this all on its own! Seriously! Neat, eh?

Well, time to get ready to go. We're off to visit Grandma in the hospital. My poor MIL has been hospitalized since November 1st. She had surgery for a bowel obstruction that turned into one major complication after another. I think she is very upset to be missing all the great sales this weekend. [Very Big Wink!]

Hope you all have a nice day! I'll be back later with more photos, hopefully.


Cynthia said…
Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!
jennifer said…
Happy Thanksgiving. You guys have much to be grateful for. And speaking of Max...happy 1st turkey day to you!
Anonymous said…
Happy Turkey Day.
Shari said…
Happy Thanksgiving!!
Anonymous said…
I like the second photograph best as it has no distractions, you just focus on them. Great photoshop work. Happy Thanksgiving!

Sara said…
Hope you all enjoyed Thanksgiving m'dear. Love Max's swirly hair, he he, how cute is that?!!
Sara x
Chris said…
This is really crazy but Trevor has a swirl like that on his back. The fine little blonde hairs make a definite swirl from shoulder to shoulder!

Photoshopping hubby out of the picture...awwwww, poor guy:)

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BosieLadie said…
Hope your MIL is doing better, sounds like a serious surgery. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Max's hair is beautiful.

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