RRPC: In the Kitchen!

This week's Round Robin Photo Challenge topic is "In the Kitchen!" Not much going on in my kitchen lately. Too tired to cook. We've been living on a whole lot of frozen foods and take-out. What IS going on in the kitchen? This:

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Yep. A whole lot of bottle making at all hours of the day and night. Similac, anyone? I serve it up at room temp in a hip Dr. Brown's baby bottle. Mmm mmm, yummy!

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Anonymous said…
babies'll do that to ya!
Anonymous said…
Kudos to you for finding the time to post an RR entry! Now, I'm off to find a picture of the baby who makes your kitchen into a liquid meal factory! :-)
kmm said…
Wow and you posted. It's all a distant memory for me but I still remember that feeling of just wanting a couple of extra hours sleep. The photo of him is just gorgeous. Kerrin
Suzanne R said…
I can remember those days, although they are in the far distant past. Little ones are so very, very worth it!
That's a lot of baby gear.

Mine's up.
Yoiks! That is unknown territory for me - not kitchens, but what's in yours. I'll play catch-up with you a little tater tonight!

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