Tyler & Cow

My son... That gleam in his eye tells me he's up to something. This photo was taken right before Tyler and Cow The Cow hit the bricks to go Trick or Treating. Cow was wearing a Halloween costume I'd bought for my Boyd's Bear last year. Cute, no? Deceptively so. That cow is a trouble maker.

This duo reminds me of another from one of my favorite comic strips of all time.

Wouldn't you agree?


Cynthia said…
Too cute.
Astaryth said…
Sooooo... all those ideas are -Cow's- ideas! Too adorable!
Anonymous said…
Cute picture. He does have that gleam!
Shari said…
Ty is adorable! And OMG, I loved Calvin and Hobes! That was the best comic strip ever!
Chris said…
Does Ty become Spaceman Spiff?

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