Halloween Video

I took a few videos with my new camera on Halloween night (more on the camera later). It was dark out, so the picture is sometimes absent. Then, as I was filming, I forgot you can't just suddenly decide to flip the camera from landscape to portrait - so you'll need to cock your head to one side to watch. I'm such a ditz sometimes. You may or may not catch John starting to mention the mail in his hands. Turns out, the night before (mischief night), someone had filled our mailbox with shaving cream...so the mail was covered. Ick. You'll also see the huge disco ball necklace the police were giving out to the kids.

In this next video you'll see the only shot I have of my cauldron full of treats. I forgot to take a photo of the Halloween goodies this year.

So! My new camera. There's a story. My old camera (Canon PowerShot S50) has been great, but it's starting to act it's age. The zoom is a tad sluggish and there are a couple bad pixels. Nothing to warrant buying a new camera, of course. I had planned to use this one for at least another year. Then John went away to a work conference a couple months ago and won a door prize...$100 HPShopping.com gift cert. With his employee discount (and a rebate to boot) he was able to get me a killer deal on this:

It's so skinny and tiny! I finally have my purse sized camera. I'm still getting the hang of it. I think I like the video my older camera produces better. Not sure yet. The flash seems much brighter too, which is good and bad. Bad, because it forces the kids to squeeze their eyes shut on almost every shot I take. It has a huge 2.5 inch LCD display too. Blah blah...if you're interested you can see it here. LOL!


Anonymous said…
YAH! I am so excited I can FINALLY watch your movies!
neat camera-couldn't happen to a more prolific picture/movie taker! margo
Chris said…
Don't you love getting a new camera and learning all the new bells and whistles?

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Robbie said…
Treat Bags! You rock! No wonder that girl got greedy.

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