Mother Never Told Me There'd Be Days Like These

...well, actually she did. But I didn't believe her. Mother has a tendency to exaggerate.

No, Tyler isn't giving you all the finger. He is sadly showing off his bandaged digit because not only did he get a prick in the finger for blood work today at the doctor, he also had to have 2 shots. Poor kid has had a REALLY rough day.

My day started at 5:30 this morning when I woke to the sound of beeping in the hallway. It was the carbon monoxide detector. Once I had swallowed my heart back down into my chest, I realized one of the cats had knocked it out of the socket in the wall. I read a few journals then decided to try and go back to sleep once my heart rate returned to normal. I also decided to turn off my alarm clock. With how much Ty was rolling around, I figured he would wake at any moment.

Fast forward. Tyler wakes at 9:10am. That is 10 minutes AFTER he is supposed to be AT school. Ooops. The crying started immediately. He wanted to stay home (he really hates to be rushed and was resisting eating, washing, he knew he was going to the doctor today.) Drop off at school was a really ugly scene. He threw himself to the floor sobbing hysterically and begging me to take him home. *sigh*

It felt like I barely arrived back home only to turn around to pick him up again. His substitute teacher informed me that he hadn't touched his lunch. (I don't care for how his sub is handling the class...but that is a topic for a rant post at another time.) Time for a swing through the McDonalds drive-thru.

Things were quiet until 3pm when I announced it was time to get ready to go. Another hysterical meltdown and we were off. Did I tell you all that John just changed jobs again? More on that later. New job means yet another change in insurance. We don't have our cards yet. Luckily that didn't turn into a big stinkin deal (honey? We need to fax a copy of both sides of our new card to the doc's office ASAP, FYI.)

Tyler's doctor is super nice, but we always have a loooong wait in the exam room. Ty would periodically well up with tears and ask, yet again, if he was getting a shot today. I distracted him by making a trip to the potty. It's always fun peeing in new toilets. Ty likes to try them out where ever we go. The doc finally arrived, gave Ty a nice thorough exam, pronounced him terrific, and then said he was getting 2 shots AND a blood test, vision test and eye test. Oh, and could I get him to pee in a cup? *sigh* No go. I wish someone had told me they wanted that when I asked where the restroom was at the check in desk.

Ty did a great job on his vision chart. I should have told them he could use a standard chart with letters (since he knows them) but they used a chart with pict-o-grams instead. It was fine. The hearing test hasn't changed since I had one, like, 34 years ago. Headphones and raise your hand when you hear a beep. Pretty standard.

Then came the blood test (prick in the finger) and 2 shots. Poor Ty just sobbed and sobbed. I felt so bad for him. TWO HOURS had passed by the time we got out of there. It was dark. And rush hour had begun. A normally 10 minute drive took us 30 minutes to get home. Ty fell asleep. I don't blame him. I just wanted to go to sleep too. This day just wore me out!!

I did get to see some lovely Christmas lights on the way home. I think we'll take an evening drive this weekend.


jennifer said…
Poor little guy. Maybe he is flipping the bird, after all. Wouldn't blame him. Hope today is better.
Donna. W said…
"It's always fun peeing in new toilets". Kids are like dogs in this way: They feel a need to mark their territory.
Sara said…
Aww ((((( Tyler )))))
Sounds like a tough day all round. I did that Monday, slept in until five minutes PAST the time J should have been at school. I kept him home. I'm a bad Mummy!!!
Sara x
Tilly said…
I bet Mommy was in need of a shot or two of her own by the end of that day! If it's any consolation, we all have them sometimes!

Tilly x
Laura said…
awwww poor Tyler and poor mommy....I swear sometimes it is just as hard on us as it is them.
Unhinged said…
Dang, Becky, you should've had a V8 instead.
Stacy-Lynn said…
Here I thought I was having a hard time LOL.

BTW OMG Becky......

I so need colored walls. Too bad my landlord owns the house cuz I would be all over that house with color everywhere! It drives me crazy!@

Sie said…
Those sad little eyes are so sweet... then you have the finger.. this picture is too cute.
Anonymous said…
aww, what a day!! I hope you had a relaxing night!

Poor Tyler. He looks so sad in that picture--but his eyes are so sweet!

I always hate when my kids get shots. Mariah just got some Monday...she was crying until the nurse put the pretty "stickers' on. Lol.

Holly :)
alh said…
love the photo. i love colored bandages for the reason to have someone ask me the why's & wherefores.

shots are ewww. i would be just like Tyler in the exact same situation! -=(
Chris said…
Awwwwwww look at that cute face....pooor baby!!!

On days that Trevor has his fits (usually when being rushed), it just starts my whole day off badly.

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oh, Becky I remember those days quite well, and I am sorry for poor Tyler's miserable, horrible day, and your's too! Margo

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