• In a frenzy of activity this morning, while Tyler was at school, John and I got most of the presents wrapped and hidden away in his office. Originally I was just planning to put most of the gifts under the tree, unwrapped (the way my parents did it) but John likes to watch Tyler shred paper and reveal his gifts one by one. M'kay. I don't have a problem with that. ;-) There are still a couple of large items that will give me that treasured *gasp* moment for my video.
  • I still have not shopped for our Christmas dinner. Yes, I am a major procrastinator, but this is epic even for me. It's 2AM and I'm crossing my fingers and praying the supermarket still has turkeys, stuffing bread and other essentials when I go there tomorrow this morning.
  • One of our Hawaii relatives sent us a card this year with a little something extra tucked inside. Ever since Tyler was born and they sent us a lovely gift for him, I have included them on our Christmas card list. This is the first year they have sent us a card in return and to find a note and that little extra surprise was, well, a shock! A very nice shock, to be sure! The note had some very sweet comments about Tyler. I guess they have been enjoying the annual photo and progress report I send. Thanks very much to Tyler's Great Uncle and Auntie! We hope to come visit you soon!
  • What happens when Mommy gets all frazzled and wrapped up in last minute Christmas prep? Well, for one thing, she forgets to clean the one non-self-cleaning cat potty in the house. Poor Sparty doesn't have his own LitterMaid yet. I just figured that eventually he would start using Sasha's. Nope. I guess he likes having his own litter box (a necessity back when I had to keep these guys segregated until Spartacus could be certified pestilence free). So what's a clever kitten to do when he has to make sissy and his potty is too gross? Well...he noses open the hinged lid on the giant tub of scooping cat litter I bought for him and uses THAT. Wasn't that a shock for Mommy when I finally got around to cleaning his potty, only to lift the lid on the tub of "clean litter" to find...uh... Sparty! How the hell did you get IN there?! I was laughing my butt off trying to picture the maneuvers he had to make to climb in there, stick his head out of the lid and do his business. Unreal!
  • What else gets neglected when I get too busy? Check out the hairdo on my little man (photo from his school holiday party on Wednesday). Oh my! Someone's hair is out of control! Luckily Daddy came to the rescue and took Ty for a haircut yesterday. Wait 'til you see him. New photos coming soon (probably just after Christmas).
  • ...and if I don't see you later; Good Afternoon, Good Evening and Good Night! Oh, and Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to everyone!


jennifer said…
Holy Christmas Eve, Becky, I thought I had won the procrastinator's prize, but you take it by a mile! :D Let somebody know which supermarket you're hitting, just in case you are still there when they lock the doors, somebody can rescue you.

And I think Tyler is a cutie with or without a haircut. But I agree with you, there MUST be at least one unwrapped gift under the tree for that glorious gasp moment. Santa is so cool.
Carly said…
Happy Merry Christmas Dear Becky! You are such a sweetie, I hope you have a wonderful holiday with the family. I LOVE the did you do that? TOO COOL! Hugs,

Carly :)
Shari said…
Merry Christmas Becky!!
How was your shopping for dinner? I just did mine too at 3:30, lol!
alh said…
Merry Christmas to you and your family!!!
Anonymous said…
I hope you, John and little Tyler have a wonderful Christmas. I'm sure Santa will be good to you all. Dawn
Anonymous said…
Merry Merry Merry Christmas Becky and family!


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