Tyler went to see Santa today to tell him the Christmas wish list. I was thrilled to see NO LINE when we arrived at Little Professor Book Center. I had a feeling it would be a much more low key event than bringing Tyler to see the Mall Santa (always a zoo and very overwhelming).

Tyler had Santa all to himself for about 10 minutes before another child arrived. Ty was able to really talk with Santa and discuss what he hoped to get for Christmas. I was so proud of him! Other than when he was a baby and didn't know any better, this is the first year Tyler has approached Santa on his own without us, er, strongly encouraging him with a firm shove forward. Ha!

Santa said farewell with a bag of magic reindeer food (so cute! a baggy of oats with glitter mixed in) and some candy canes. Tyler got to pick out a new puzzle and a couple books before we headed for home. We still aren't 100%, but are feeling much better today.

We got hit with about 10 inches of snow yesterday and Tyler is itching to get out in it. Hopefully the snow pants I ordered from Junonia arrive soon and we are all kootie free. I love playing in the snow.


Shari said…
How Cool! Great PIc! Tyler looks so happy! We had a great time this year with Santa too. We are usually rushed out because fo a huge line, and this year the boys got soem good one on one Santa time too!
jennifer said…
Holy Batman, Tyler, how much were you able to list to Santa in 10 minutes?

What an adorable photo!! Both of them look so happy. (And at this point of the season, that's saying something about the Santas.)
Anonymous said…
Kids are so cute when they talk to Santa. Great picture.
Hugs, R.C.
Sara said…
So cute!!! I wanna sit on Santa's knee and tell him my Christmas wish list!! Really just want the magic reindeer food for Rudolph ;o)
Sara x

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