Ho Ho Ho!

I finished my Christmas shopping!!! Whew! Some items I am worried about...will they arrive in time? I'll just have to sweat it out and cross fingers. I can't believe how long I waited to finish shopping this year. Thank goodness so many websites were offering free shipping deals or I would have gone broke from all the expedited shipping charges. I'll give a shout out to Barnes and Noble.com and Overstock.com especially. They were among the few to GUARANTEE delivery by 12/24. Overstock even has free expedited shipping on selected items. Very cool.

Tyler is still struggling with the aftermath of his latest vaccinations. He still has a low grade fever. The doctor put him on a 10 day course of antibiotics. It's day three and that fever isn't budging. Otherwise, he is acting pretty normal. He is eating a little less than he usually does, but he isn't ACTING sick any more. I'm not sending him back to school until there is no trace of fever tho.

Hopefully John's work schedule is light this week. I hope to sneak out one day this week to pick up some stocking stuffers for Tyler. I have such fond memories from my youth regarding my Christmas stocking. For a number of years my mother would hang these south western style hand-knit SUPER long stockings by the fireplace. They were so long that, once filled, they would stretch from the hook they hung on clear down to the hearth. My brother and I would save them for last, after opening up everything else under the tree.

The stockings would be filled with fun stuff like Christmas candy, small puzzles or games, little stuffed animals, and for me - some cool Avon products. I would get tasty lip balms, fun shaped soaps, and cool jewelry. (A friend of my Mom's was an Avon lady.) I miss all that fun Avon stuff. Anyone remember those neat puppet wash cloths that came with their own character soaps? Who can beat a combo bath and puppet show? I still remember the year we came running downstairs to find Cookie Monster and Oscar the Grouch watching us from their perch...stuffed into the top opening of our stockings.

I want Tyler to get that same thrill from the little treasures in his stocking. Last year he was so overwhelmed with what was under the tree, the stockings were forgotten until the following day. Nothing wrong with prolonging the Christmas joy, eh?


IndigoSunMoon said…
I still haven't finished shopping! I've ordered some things online. I hope they get here in time!
So sorry the little guy isn't feeling well. When my Cody was a baby, he always ran a fever after his shots.
Love ya,
jennifer said…
I LOVE STOCKINGS! My favorite part. My husband and I have so much fun finding all the cool stuff and trying to outdo each other. We always open ours Christmas Eve, laugh, drink and eat chocolate. Good times.

I can still remember oranges and walnuts in mine when I was a kid. Then makeup and earrings.

And I can't believe I waited this long this year too. Just finished yesterday, as long as my UPS guy gets here on time. Thank heavens for Overstock.com. LOL And Amazon.
Well, I expect a report later on how he liked his stocking, and what all was in it!

Me, I'm finally making progress on the shopping.

Tilly said…
Here's hoping that Tyler makes a speedy recovery in time for the big day!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Tilly x
Sara said…
Hope Tyler feels better soon, aww. In our house our stockings were always waiting at the foot of our beds on Christmas morning. We would rush into Mum and Dad's bedroom to open them there, before baths and breakfast and then finally opening the presents under the tree :o) Talk about suspense!!
Sara x
BosieLadie said…
I'm glad Ty is feeling better, hope he's all back to normal by Christmas! He's going to have a great Christmas with all the memories his mommy has, there's no doubt. By the way, how did you do the snowflakes? I love them!
Anonymous said…
Having children around at Christmas is the best. Enjoy tyler now. I always found my filled stocking at the end of my bed on Christmas morning and did the same for our boys. Have a Merry one. Dawn

oh, I wish you all a mery Christmas...... my kids always loved the stockings too.... it was the one thing they opened before breakfast.
Chris said…
I LOVE stocking stuffers. My mom always made sure we got orange slice candy in ours, thank you notes, and then neat little other things. She even still does stockings for us when we all get together:)

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V said…
Happy Christmas!!
I think shopping has finished me! &You gave me a good memory of Christmas past- we were allowed to go down early in our pj's and bring the stockings back upstairs to my parents bed and open the there-it was wonderful. Thank you for reminding me. Margo

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