Christmas Wrap-up

First let me say THANK YOU to everyone who took the time to comment on my last entry. Your thoughts did more for me than I can ever express. I love all of you!

And thanks to Karen for the wicked cool calendar and ornaments! I never knew you were so crafty! And that vintage I cried when I read the back. I am sooo sentimental. Or maybe it's just "mental". Ya know... Did you know that our first Christmas tree as marrieds had a cat theme? LOL I was a little cat crazed back then.

As for was very nice. Cozy with just the three of us. Tyler said "This is the best Christmas EVER!" So that made us feel good. Front runners for favorite gift are his Pixter Multimedia (he is loving the mazes), his doctor kit (he has been having a ball giving us all checkups and giving poor Mommy lots of "happy shots"), his mini-trampoline and the foam disk shooter gun his Aunt and Uncle gave him...his first projectile weapon. Oh boy! He had a ball shooting his Mommy in the butt (big hilarious fun) and knocking down the targets that came with it. You can see the look on his face when he first opened the shooter. I could just SEE the wheels turning as he had his mischievous thoughts.

The only crushing Mommy moment (other than the ongoing family drama) was when Ty first opened his doctor set. I had specially made a doctor's lab coat with a name badge that said Dr. Tyler on it. I thought he would LOVE it; want to dress up as a doctor and play...but no. He said "I'm not going to wear that!!!" and when I begged him to wear it just for a minute so I could take his picture, he started to cry. It took some time for us to talk with him and find out what about that lab coat was making him so upset. Turns out he associates the lab coat with his last visit to the Doctor's office where the lady in the lab coat gave him two painful shots (that subsequently made him REALLY ill). Ah. The lights went on in my brain, but I was still horribly disappointed that we wouldn't try his cool new Doctor coat on. *sigh* Maybe the shot trauma will fade with time.

Photos can be seen here.


Emily Suess said…
I loved the photos you shared. I haven't been around a little kid at Christmas since I was one! It was nice to see a little of the magic. :) Hope you have a Happy New Year.
Shari said…
Becky I love the pictures! Tyler looked so excited!
Anthony was looking with me and he wanted the Cadilac, cause it had spinners, lol :)
Sounds like you're feeling better. Must be all those "happy shots!" And you're very welcome! - Karen
Cynthia said…
Tyler is so cute! I'm glad y'all had a nice Christmas. Guess what, you've been tagged.
V said…
Happy New Year!
Glad Tyler found it to be the very best Christmas ever. You clearly made a good decision for the day, and he looks so happy in all the pictures. May the New Year be a better one for all of us. Margo
freeepeace said…
Awww...poor kid. how about trading the lab coat in for some scrubs?

Sounds like a good year otherwise.

Happy New Year!
Vivian said…
What a wonderful Christmas! I just love looking at pictures of Ty. That boy gets cuter and cuter and I just don't know how that is possible he's already the cutest ever! Did you guys have a White Christmas? It was so sunny and warm here I felt like I was in Miami!

Merry Christams ( a few days late)!
Chris said…
Awwww Poor Ty....
Trevor does that sometimes, just outright rejects a present as dumb or whatever. The next day, he is playing with it of course!
Sara said…
Glad you had such a nice Christmas :o) Put the lab coat away for a month or so, hopefully by then Ty will have forgotten the shots, awww! Happy New Year to you, John and Tyler!!
Sara x
Astaryth said…
Just popping in to wish you a Happy New Years from our House to Yours!
Adventures of an Eclectic Mind
Anonymous said…
Looks like a happy happy time in your household for the holidays!! Congrats!! I loved the pics. Kid is what, 4 and he has a Cadillac already! WOW!! LOL He is growing up right before my eyes. LOVE YOU, lisa jo
V said…
Great pics of Tyler!

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