Well...day 2 of preschool got off on the wrong foot. Didn't sleep well last night, got up at 5am finally to rub on some sportscreme for my sore knee, forgot it has aspirin in it (warning...gross bit coming!), woke again at 6:30 to a familiar but ugly sensation and raced for the bathroom as I was hemorrhaging down my legs. *sigh*

My poor light taupe carpet. Thinking I should replace it with burgundy or deep purple. My usual visit from Aunt Flo turns into a scene from Texas Chainsaw Massacre...just add some sort of analgesic with blood thinning properties like aspirin and away we go. Ugh. Some days being a woman just sucks. (Try cleaning up a blood trail leading from your bed all the way to the bathroom, via flashlight, in the wee hours of pre-dawn.)

Needless to say, I was very groggy when I finally dragged myself out of bed at 8:45. Uh oh. Morning preschool starts at 9am. Will we make it? No way in hell. Got there at 9:45. I'm going to have to work my way into this early morning gig slowly, I think.

I also spent the morning listening to Tyler say "No school today...ok Mommy? I want to stay home with you." Oh boy. Here we go again. It took some artful persuasion, but I talked him into going. I had to agree to hang out at school for 36,052 minutes. Good thing Tyler has NO IDEA how long a minute really is.

There was this one little boy (Ethan) who broke my heart. The teacher was directing him in an art project and tears were just running down his face. He said, "But I want to draw a picture for my Mommy... Where did my Mommy go? Why did Grandma leave me here?" Ouch. He looked so lost and sad and the tears kept falling. I just wanted to scoop him up into my arms and hug him. This is the haunting image I drove home with...not the vision of Tyler having a ball with this giant magnet toy.

He's fine, Becky. He's just fine. He barely notices you are gone. And like yesterday, he won't even see you for like 10 minutes when you come back to get him...too busy having fun.

*sigh* Going to check and see if I got my password for the classroom internet camera system yet so I can peek in on my boy...


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