We're back! What a great day for a field trip. Crisp, cool and sunny...nice! The only problem we ran into was it took so long to load and unload the kids from the bus that we only had like 15 minutes for the kids to apple pick! Even then, I think the school had to pay the driver some overtime charges. Ah well. Next time it will be smoother. This is a new school and this was the first outing.

I was in charge of 2 kids. My own and a little boy named Carson. What a sweetie he is! His legs are a lot shorter than Tyler's so as the boys were walking hand in hand, Ty was practically dragging Carson off his feet. He couldn't keep up! Heh. Carson also kept asking me to help him pick just one more more more apple. His bag was so stuffed I was afraid it was going to tear! On the ride back, Carson was laying his head on my hip to rest. So sweet!

I got some cute photos of both kids and printed out some copies for Carson's Mom. I'll leave them for her in Carson's mail folder at school tomorrow. He's one of the "all day" kids, so his Mom probably works full time.

I did ok with the walking today, but the bus was really hot so I was a tad overheated by the time we got back to school. Looks like I'm going to be the "hot" mom. No, not the prettiest one. The one that always looks beet red and sweaty on outings and at sporting events. LOL Oh well. There's always at least one in every crowd.


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