John just related a funny conversation he had with Tyler. We are going out to eat with some friends of ours tomorrow night and one of them is expecting a baby. John mentioned our plans and told Tyler, "Pretty soon you can play with Uncle Norman's new baby!"

Tyler says, "I don't want to play with his baby. I want to play with my baby sister!"

So John explains it's going to be a while before we go get Ty's baby sister and that it will be a long trip. We're going to have to take a plane!

Ty says, "Oh no. A plane? Is there any other way to get there? Can we drive?"

John says no, there is an ocean in the driving. We could take a boat, but it would take a really, really long time to get there that way.

Ty says, "Yeah! Let's take a boat. A SLOW boat!"

John watches my face for a moment to see if I catch the funny...then he says, "A slow boat to China!!?"

Then I laughed. I'm a bit slow tonight.

Totally off the topic, one of the links in my previous link experiment post I promptly emailed to my Dad. I knew he would find it interesting. He was excited and emailed me back with the following link:

Boeing RB-47H - National Museum of the US Air Force

This is the plane my Dad flew as a navigator with the 55th during the Cold War. He was at both the air bases they mention in this blurb. Pretty cool to know my Dad was such an interesting part of such a significant time in American history.


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