Doesn't SNL have a sketch where some voice over announcer will whisper dramatically "Seeecrets" and then someone famous will confess to outrageously contrived lies? Well, this voice-over is what's playing in my head for the latest Round Robin Photo Challenge (the topic is SECRETS, of course).

I love my bedroom furniture. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it at Huffman Koos. It's a California style wallbed in pickled oak (has a nice pinky-purple hue to it). The sales lady showed us the matching dresser with triple mirror and dramatically whispered to me "it has a secret..." as she pulled open one of the side mirrors to reveal a pegged storage space for hanging ties, belts, scarves or jewelry...whatever. Neat! The idea of having a secret compartment in my bedroom appealed to my inner 9 year old who loved reading stories about treasure maps and other precious things hidden in secret places and hidden compartments.

But it wasn't until the furniture was delivered and set up that the rest of my furniture's secrets were revealed. The delivery guy demonstrated how to adjust the hinges on my armoire and night-table cabinets and how to remove the drawers and, almost as an after-thought, he said, "Oh, and do you know about all the hidden compartments?" I mentioned the mirrors and he said, "Oh, there's lots more!"

I was enchanted as he showed all the hidden nooks and crannies (pictured is one of them hidden under the molding at the top of one of the upper side cabinets on the bed). I used to hide my best jewelry in there when we went on vacation. I've grown a little lazy since our home alarm system was installed. Neat, eh?!

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