Today is turning into a big news day...

Tyler's first day of preschool! He was so excited! But it didn't go off without a hitch. He didn't want to eat lunch...that was expected. Right after lunch is a 2 hour nap! Ugh. That did NOT go over well. He hasn't napped in the afternoon in quite some time.

The assistant director finally suggested he go play with the kindergarten class through nap time and then rejoin his new classmates when they wake up. That's fine for today...but what about tomorrow? I finally had to bite the bullet and switch him to mornings. UGH! I have to get up, get dressed, get him dressed, fed and out the door 5 days a week?! YUCK!

I know, I know...some of you moms do this every day with your school aged kids. I just wasn't expecting to have to do it so soon. LOL bleh

Here is our little school boy:

Sigh. He looks so grown up, doesn't he?

In other news...Sparty ate solid food! YEEHA!!! I was starting to think the little pisser was never going to wean. He's as feisty as ever. Ankle biter, toe attacker, hand chewer...such pain. Then he'll crawl onto my chest, curl up under my chin and go to sleep (awww!) It's moments like this that give me hope. Check out his second favorite nap spot. My laptop puts out some serious heat, so I can see the appeal.

And finally, my SIL gave birth last night. Here is my new niece (welcome to the world, Emma):



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