My poor baby...he started with a high fever last night and woke with a croupy cough in the middle of the night. When his temp was 101.1 under his arm this morning, off to the doctor we went. The doc suspects he picked up a nasty virus. So I am trying to get him to drink, eat and rest. Poor kid looks so pitiful here in the bed. I have the husband's laptop in the bedroom where we have set up camp. Ty has the "breakfast in bed" tray with some cheerios, fruit snacks, two sippies (one water, one juice) and his little portable DVD player. I have a TV tray table next to the bed with my lunch and the laptop. We are all set to stay in bed all day.

He has thrown up once...I hope that is the end of it. I just have to stay on top of this fever. Last night he was moaning and babbling incoherently in his sleep. It was scary! It made me realized that Ty really hasn't been sick very much. I think this is the worst he has been, in his short life so far. *sigh* Time to read another story. If you all could send some "feel better" vibes his way, we would appreciate it.

Ta ta for now.

Update: Ty is doing much better today (Thursday). The fever is gone, the cough still lingers...but he is pretty much back to normal. I just hope he sleeps tonight. Last night was hell! Now the husband is sick. Lord help me.


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