Anyone who knows me knows I love to be entertained. I'm easy. TV, music, a good movie, a good book, online games...I am very easily amused. Even when I hate it, I love it. Figure that one out.

With a toddler running around the place, my moments of solitary amusement are fewer and further between. Last night was one of those rare times where I got to watch a good TV show relatively unmolested AND I got to see a fairly recent movie too. And wouldn't you know? They were both GREAT! Lucky me!

I watched the premier of Medium last Monday, but I was interrupted several times and missed large chunks of the show. I was looking forward to a new episode on Thursday night, but it turns out NBC re-aired the premier one again. OK. Cool. So I got to watch it again and see the parts I missed the first time. Tyler had passed out on the sofa, so I took advantage of the quiet, took a peek on my On-Demand menu and saw 50 First Dates with Adam Sandler. Double cool! I wanted to see that ages ago.

Medium is loosely based on a real woman named Allison with special gifts...communicating with the dead, prophetic dreams, visions of the future...stuff like that. I love stuff like that.

50 First Dates was great. They just had to play my favorite Israel Kamakawiwo'ole song at the end of the film. It always makes me cry. I love movies with a happy ending too. Such a big sap, really.

So, both get the Becky seal of approval. Can't wait until next Monday to see the next episode of Medium. This isn't much of a review. But then, I just wanted to mention the shows, not take them apart. It's 5AM on a Saturday. Cut me some slack.


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