Holy COW that boy needs a nap. Melt down city today. *Sigh* Our big mistake? Letting him play the Sega driving games we got for him. He gets frustrated when the car gets stuck against a wall. Combine that with him being tired and LORDY I need some Tylenol. But that is not the subject I wanted to write about today. Now that silence has returned to the house (thank you John for taking Ty to bed for his nap)...

A while back I mentioned in an entry that I had done some modeling and was in a pageant. I also promised to talk about those experiences in future entries. Well, SloMo and Freee, you asked for it! No, really. You did. In comments! Honest!

As my freshman year in high school came to a close, I think my mother got the idea in her head that I need some, er, HELP in the beauty and poise department. I guess she was tired of me having no boyfriends (little did she know...), wearing no makeup and walking like a truck driver. Seriously. She told me all the time I walked like a truck driver. Sammie? Help me out here. How exactly does a truck driver walk? Hmm?

Anyway...she did some research and found a modeling school program in Boston. Many of you have probably heard of the Barbizon School of Modeling? Yup. Color me thrilled when mom signed me up. I learned how to apply makeup, do my hair, how to find clothes that fit, identify my own personal "style", walk, pose, etc.

At the end of the class, all the participants were individually evaluated by an expert. We were told our strengths, weaknesses, and whether or not we would be accepted into the Barbizon Agency as one of their models.

In my evaluation I was told to lose 30 lbs, my ears were too big and my top lip was too thin. I probably wouldn't get top jobs like Brooke Shields did...but I was good enough for catalog and budget runway use. That was a great ego boost (not).

I had photos taken for my portfolio and I did one runway show. I was expected to call my agent several times a week to get appointments for go-sees (where you go see a client along with a bunch of other girls to see if you get picked).

I couldn't be bothered. It just seemed like WAY too much work to try and sell myself. I wasn't very happy with myself as it was and it seemed pointless to try and make someone else think I was attractive enough for their catalog or what ever.

I mean, really...who was going to hire this face:

Photos from my portfolio.

If only I'd had more confidence in myself. I have more photos from my portfolio somewhere...ones where you can actually see my teeth. Ha! But my mother took all the best shots and hid them away somewhere. I'll find them one of these days.

Update: Reason why I don't look too happy in photos...I was following photographer's instructions. "Look bored." "Look aloof." "Look bitchy." "Show me sassy..." Honestly, there are ones of me smiling! Somewhere...

Next up: The Massachusetts Miss Teen pageant. Oh boy...


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