For many folks, the arrival of the New Year means a time of deep personal reflection and a setting of resolutions one hopes to accomplish in the ensuing twelve months. Me? I look back on the previous year and this is what I see:

Behold the wonder that is Tyler's annual calendar. Ha! (I had to flip-flop December and November so that the graphic would be nice and symmetrical.) I make one of these for friends and family members every year (that is if three years in a row can count as every year). Now is the time for me to sadly remove the previous year's calendar from my office wall and replace it with this shiny new one. He is getting so big now. I wonder what next year's 12 photos will look like.

As for personal reflection...I don't do much of that. I've tried to make resolutions for myself in the past. I never keep them. I have come to regard the whole "resolution" thing as just a way to set yourself up for repeated failure. Who needs that kind of pressure? Not me. So I will phrase it another way. I have high hopes for 2005. I hope all YOUR resolutions come to pass and I hope my little family continues to grow, stay healthy or get healthier, and has a ton of fun to look forward to. Happy New Year, everybody.


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