Police Action and Mug Shots

Life is never dull in this house. The other day, John was in his usual morning rush to get Tyler ready for school and out the door (Ty's feet tend to turn to lead when we try to rush him to do anything.) As the boys were headed out the front door, John did his typical move to activate our alarm system. The alarm is on a 60 second delay. Why turn on the alarm when you are only driving 5 minutes down the road and back again? Well...because we leave the front door unlocked. Don't ask. Sometimes we just don't make sense in the things we do.

Well, Tyler forgot something, so they ran back into the house before the time had run out on the alarm set. Good for me and Max, since we were both still fast asleep and I have no desire to use that blaring siren as an alarm clock. Unfortunately, Tyler left the front door ajar, so when the count down reached zero, the house alarm started to go off anyway; for about 3 seconds. John rapidly punched in our code and turned it off (the siren let out a feeble squawk only). I opened my eyes briefly but went right back to sleep. Max didn't even budge.

No big deal, right? John waited for a minute or two to see if the alarm company would call and then left again to drive Tyler. Moments after they left, the phone rang (I assume this part, since I was already back to sleep.) They also called John's cell phone (which was off and attached to the charger in our kitchen.) What happens when the alarm company calls and there is no one here to tell them our secret password? That's right. They call the police.

The police arrived in minutes (must have been a slow morning). The nice officer looked all around our house and tried the doors and windows - leaving the front door for last. The front door that John left UNLOCKED. The nice officer knocked. He opened the door a crack and called inside. I rolled restlessly in my half asleep state and wondered if I heard a man's voice yelling in the living room...

Have I mentioned recently that I sleep in the nude? Want to see our mug shots?


I'm just kidding. That photo was taken during our session to have a family portrait done a couple weeks ago. Here are the other two shots.


http://www.flickr.com/photos/28485147@N00/2112087916/ (I hate how I look in this one)

Yep. This story could have ended up like an X rated sitcom, if John hadn't arrived home at that exact moment. He explained about the alarm to the nice officer who took a report and went on his merry way, after sternly telling my hubby to ALWAYS LOCK THE FRONT DOOR.

A little embarrassing, yes, but it could have been so much worse. I do NOT want the cops bursting into my bedroom when I am nude and half asleep, thanks very much.


Two Write Hands said…
OMG! What a hilarious story. If your husband had been a few minutes later though, it surely would've been a nightmare for you.
Shari said…
OMGosh! I am lmao! Thank God John showed up when he did. Your pictures look fantastic, and you look great! I really can't believe how big the boys are getting. They are just sweet as ever to look at :)
Liz said…
ROFL ~ guess the police weren't waiting around at Dunkin Donuts that morning!

Love the pictures & I'm amazed at how similar Ty's & Max's hair color is!

~~Aunt Nub~~

PS I've got some widgets up finally! Although partially cut off, I'm still proud of myself. You're a great teacher & friend! Thanks!
Laura said…
you re such a gorgeous family!
Chris said…
The portraits look great! The boys all dressed alike, how cute.

Glad that you didn't get a fine for the false alarm. We've received 2 of those at work.
BosieLadie said…
Love the portraits!

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