Damn! Where's that extinguisher?!?!

My husband, bless his heart, has the best of intentions. I know he does. I appreciate it more than he knows when he helps out around the house. Really! But a couple days ago I was left scratching my head at his house cleaning methods.

We have 2 cats. Sparty the gray tiger and Sasha the tabby with patches of white, tiger, black and tan. Sasha is 16 years old and has been bulimic for most of his life. Seriously. He will binge eat and then make himself throw up. I love him, but this nasty eating disorder can make it hard at times.

While my husband was running the Hoover around the dining room, Sasha was in the hallway purging his latest gorgefest. What does husband do when he encounters the wet, fresh pile of cat puke? He vacuums it up...and sets the Hoover on fire.

With thick black smoke POURING out of the vac, he carries it rapidly to me and asks my opinion. OMG! Throw it outside! THROW IT OUTSIDE FAST!

So I watch my poor Hoover smoking away on the front lawn and wonder what the next step should be. The lawn is covered with leaves and it hasn't rained any time recently. If the leaves go up in flames, so will the house.

Luckily the fire never spread to the leaves.

I think now would be a good time to make my sweet hubby aware of a new item on my Amazon Wish List:

That would be the Dyson Animal DC-17. Isn't it purty?! Yeah. Now would be a good time to win the lottery.


Cassie said…
I would love to have one too.
Your poor husband, that is enough to give one a heart attack!!!
It could have burnt the house down!
Two Write Hands said…
Oh my gosh, Becky. I know this was semi-serious and all, but I'm crying that post was so funny! :D
Liz said…
{{{Becky}}} LOL Sounds like my dear, sweet husband! He tries soooo hard, too, but sometimes he's like a bull in a china shop. ::sigh:: Bless his heart, I love him so.

As for the Dyson, I covet 1 of those, too. The funny thing was, when I was at a cousin's bridal shower over the summer, she got a really cool 1 (purple, maybe?). All the young, unmarried gals there, were looking at each other, mouthing "bad" stuff about a "weird" present. All of us "old married broads" were ohhhing & ahhhing over it. Just had to laugh!

~~Aunt Nub~~

PS How did you put all the funky stuff in your sidebar? I can't figure out how to do it, so Blogspot will accept it. Hmmmmmm...
Laura said…
what some people won't do to get a new toy!
yes i'm jealous.
my darling husband waits for the cat yak to dry before he vacuums it so i am just a little jealous that your man at least tried to pick it up asap.
Donna H said…
I wonder sometimes if they do things so we won't ask them again or if they really are clueless at times. Mine once stuffed an entire undercooked turkey (a gift from my MIL when I had baby #1) down the garbage disposal. Apparently it was a first for our plumber. But the worst had to have been his decision to just burn the old Christmas tree in the fireplace instead of tossing it. How my house didn't burn down is still a mystery to me.
Chris said…
Your vaccum cleaner died just before Christmas? That SUCKS (pun intended).

We can relate. Our clothes dryer just died last week.
Liz said…
I'm :::still::: giggling over this 1! Hmmmmmm...I wonder what I can get hubby to break just in time for Christmas.....

-Aunt Nub-
BosieLadie said…
OMG! This is just too funny! Seems my guy will do the same thing, like wash the catbox rubber mat in MY WASHING machine! Shouldn't that be shook out, outside, broomed off, then hosed down with a hose?!!??? WHY the washing machine!? LOL

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