"I want one!"

As if I needed further evidence that I've never fully grown up... I volunteered at Tyler's new school on Monday. A small group of us did set-up for the annual book fair. It was pretty overwhelming to see all those boxes full of books and other stuff. It's amazing what we did with a few folding tables, some plastic sheeting and the empty boxes.

After we got everything organized, I spent a few minutes really looking around the room at all the stuff for sale. OMG! I was drooling over all the neat pens and pencils, the little lunch box shaped pencil sharpener with the food themed erasers and stuff inside, the cool purple clip on calculator that would go so well with my new purse, the various arts & crafts kits...I can go on and on. All that stuff is designed with your typical elementary school girl in mind. And I want one of everything!


Good thing I am a grown up with access to a credit card. Yep. Gonna come home today with one of those pens with the puffy ball googly fiber optic doo-dads on top. And that calculator. And maybe one of those glitter erasers. And that cool looking...


poetmom said…
I don't think the little girl in us ever goes away. She might go dorment for awhile, hibernate... But it only takes some glittery doo-dads to wake her up and get her all geeked again.:) I say "have fun!"..

Two Write Hands said…
If I was setting up, all the kids would be mad.

There wouldn't be anything left for them because I bought it all. :)
jennifer said…
This is the exact reason I get all excited like a kid at Christmas and DEMAND that the grandkids go with me back to school shopping.

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