Your Monday Photo Shoot: Get Into the Mood

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Take a picture of yourself (or someone you know) reproducing one (or more!) of the moods in the AOL Journals Mood Menu.

For those of you who don't want to have to look at the menu at the moment, the options are: Happy, Mischievous, Worried, Silly, Surprised, Flirtatious, Silly, Ecstatic, Frustrated, Loopy, Embarrassed, Hopeful, Anxious, Sad, Quiet and Chillin'. It's like all the dwarves that didn't make it into Snow White (well, and Happy, who was there, but has apparently decided to pop by). I'm not on AOL Journals any more. And the template I use on Blogger doesn't have any "moods" to choose from. But! I do have a couple of very recent photos that fit the bill for this week's Monday Photo Shoot.

Behold Ecstatic AND Surprised in one shot! That is Tyler on Easter Sunday when he finally located his Easter Basket hidden in plain sight in his time-out chair. Oh that tricky tricky bunny!

And then there is mother-in-law showing off her new kitchen. You can see more of the kitchen makeover in my Shutterfly photo album, including "before" photos (my own mother was very curious to see the remodel results).


BoiseLadie said…
Awww!!! I LOVE the new kitchen! I'd be doing the happy dance too if I had a kitchen like that! Great photos!
Carly said…
Awwww...such happiness. :) Funny how a smile can be passed on. It made me smile looking at their smiles.
I've never seen Tyler look quite so much like an emoticon! ;) - Karen
V said…
Aww, so much happiness!
Chris said…
Damn......I love that kitchen. Waaaaaaaa I wanna new kitchen.

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Dawn said…
I would do a happy dance for that kitchen too.
Unhinged said…
Uh, Becky? Whatcha been putting in those Shirley Temples?
Anonymous said…
i was going to say tylers emoticon was "loopy" in that pic with the half shut eyes

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