So where's my nuts?

I read an article this morning on AOL that surprised me. It probably shouldn't have, since things have been headed this way for a long while. Turns out many of the major airlines are cutting out ALL the little extras they used to give you as part of your in-flight experience. Pillows, blankets, snacks... Most of you who fly with any regularity already know they did away with most of the meals. It's BYOFood on most flights now.

But no nuts? No pretzels? Come on! How much can those little bags cost? I can do without the pillow and blanket. Honestly, how clean are those things REALLY? I'm sure there have been studies. I tend to turn the TV off when news stories like that come on. I don't want to know what is lurking in my hotel room under a UV light. I don't. want. to. know. Fingers in my ears...LALALALALALALALALA I can't hear you!

Does anyone else share a memory like this? I remember back in the late 60s, early 70s getting on a plane with my parents. The stewardess would greet me warmly and ask if I wanted to meet the Captain. I'd get to see the cockpit, try on the Captains hat, and earn a pair of shiny gold wings just like the Captain wore. I'd wear them proudly pinned to my poncho as I was escorted back to my parent's seats. There the stewardess would hand us all a pillow and blanket and I would get a cellophane wrapped deck of cards with the airline logo printed on them. Sometimes I'd get a coloring book and crayons too.

Shortly after takeoff, we'd get drinks and snacks. Later, a nice hot meal would be served. Not just a cold sandwich, but a full course dinner. Still later, there would be more snacks and drinks. I remember keeping the cool airplane shaped stirrers from my parents' drinks. Oh yes, alcoholic beverages were complimentary. The stewardess would even give them extra tiny bottles of my parents' favorite liquors so they could "freshen" their drinks as the ice melted.

Oh how I wanted some of those tiny little bottles. They were the perfect size to use with my dolls. And am I the only one who loved the smell of gin as a kid?

Hmm. It's a little creepy that so many childhood memories of mine include my parents drinking alcohol. Heh. But they were part of the cocktail generation. And the free stuff when you flew generation, I guess. I'm getting old and nostalgic.

Flying just isn't the same anymore.


Celeste said…
I agree! How much can it cost?
Holly :) said…
Hhmm..even though I don't fly (I refuse--too scared, lol) I agree with you on this. Why would they take away all the perks? You know, for someone like me those would be the only things that might keep me calm and relaxed while flying....what is the world coming to?
Sara said…
I feel like I had a deprived childhood, we never went anywhere further than the Isle of Wight - little Island down south. We never flew, but there was a pretty cool ferry ride :o)
I still have a thing for those little tiny bottles!
Sara x
Well, I never visited the cockpit, and never got multiple means except en route to Europe.

And the thing with the peanuts isn't just the peanuts. It's the labor, having them delivered and uploaded, and the trash carted out afterward. That's a food service provider, a whole class of expense to ged rid of. When you're in backruptcy - and most of the airlines are - nickels and dimes count. They already cut out travel agent commissions and lots of other stuff. There's probably much nowhere else left to cut costs.

Of course, you can still get the level of service you mention here -in first class, for $1200 each way!
Robbie said…
Are you nuts! That song about gave me a heartattack!! It blasted me when I came in to leave a comment and darn that "Esc" button just wouldn't work fast enough. And, I thought I was a rock-head. Wowza!

I remember getting wings too!
Unhinged said…
This was a great entry, Becky! Wonderfully written and nostalgic.

I never flew on an airplane until I took my honeymoon, but guess what?! I got a pair of wings!!!!

I remember the wings, too. When we flew to Europe last time, Rene got a pair of plastic wings (as the oldest child on the plane)but the were cheap and plastic, not like the silver wings I remember of old. Margo
ROFLMO Shelby has one of those wee bottles--a Scotch bottle--and sometimes she swigs her juice out of it!
Chris said…
Hell, just 5 years ago, I got meals on my is changing fast. My favorite mode of transportation as a kid was by train....sigh.

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