Look! Up in the Sky! It's...

Nothing like a fun afternoon of Superhero Pretend and "flying" on a trampoline! I swear, this thing was one of the best investments we've made yet. Tyler loves to jump and bounce.

Then we had the annual town Easter Egg Hunt that happened last weekend. Ty has gone every year since he's been old enough to participate. And it's FREE! I don't know of any other towns in this area that have a free event like this.

The Easter Bunny is still waiting for a hug or a hand-shake. It didn't happen THIS year. But at least he went up close enough (and on his own) to reach into the basket for a treat bag. Ty had to plant one foot as far back as possible and really reeeeeach for the basket...but he did it. Hee hee! He wasn't going any closer to the bunny than was absolutely necessary! He did wave to the bunny once he was safely back by my side. What a ham!

I really adore the Easter Basket I got for Ty this year. It's quilted fabric and has his name embroidered on it...from Pottery Barn Kids. He really loves it. It was the perfect size for the hunt. (Last year, his basket was just too small and eggs were falling out of it.)

The four year olds were presented with an open field full of eggs in plain sight and John and I shook our heads in a bit of disgust. These kids aren't babies anymore! They really need to make an effort to HIDE the eggs a bit. Give the poor kids some kind of challenge other than who can run the fastest and pick up the most eggs. Still fun tho.

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Not much else going on. We had started to get the house ready for Easter company, but it turns out Grandma isn't coming. So now maybe I can talk the husband into going to Willow Valley for the weekend after all. (hint, hint!) He has me in budget mode, however, so I don't think a weekend away is likely at this point. I'd be happy with reservations at Larison's Turkey Farm too, I guess. :-)


V said…
What A happy Superman you got there!
Tomrrow is our huge homeschool egg hunt--it is really great hunt, so cool that we quit going to any others. :-) The teens stuff and hide the eggs and the little ones get them. There are lots of special baskets to win, and then a drawing...
My mom told me a couple of times that I attended the Easter Egg Roll on the White House Lawn at the nd of the Eisenhower era, when I was two years old. Needless to day, I don't remember it! Actually, I've only been to one Easter Egg Hunt ever, at least outside the house. I didn't find a single egg. :( Happy Easter to Becky and John and Tyler! - Karen
Chris said…
We aren't allowed back to the City Easter Egg Hunt this year....

I mean honestly, if they aren't going to let you use a bbgun, then why don't they call it an Easter Egg "Search"????

Ha ha ha just kidding.

Sara said…
Great pics :o)
We don't have easter egg hunts here, no fair!! Happy Easter to you, John and Tyler.
Sara x
Oh mighty techno goddess, can you help me? AOL tech has been no help.

Tabitha found a graphic she wanted to put in our sidebar. When she put it in, it showed up, with the edit button showing through the graphic. (It was a way cool graphic)

I deleted it, and told her to try putting it in an entry.

It showed up, still with the edit button showing through, and when we deleted it from the entry, now the edit entry feature is gone from my journal. When you try to edit an entry, it just looks like a blank entry.

AOL told me to empty my Internet cache and to reinstall the adaptor, neither of which worked.

With our spelling and adding pictures, if I can't edit an entry I will close my blog.

love, Kas
awww.... happy Easter to you all! judi
Dawn said…
What a cute trampoline. Easter egg hunts are so much fun for families to share. Except when the bunny is scary!! Happy Easter to you all.
BoiseLadie said…
Sounds like you had a good Easter, and lots of fun with the town egg hunt.

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