In the immortal words of Socrates...

... "I drank what?"

Yeah. I drank it. Other than being a tad foamier than the newer bottle, it tasted the same. No sickness. Heh. I guess you could call me a risk taker. I love living dangerously. Heh.

On to the next topic. My sweet little four year old came into my office the other day and said with a grin, "Hey Mommy! Special delivery!!!" and proceeded to deliver a loud, obnoxious smelling fart in my general vicinity. Who in HECK taught him that little gem? Not I!


Time is passing more and more quickly. I can't recall now how long it's been since we officially went active with our portfolio at the adoption agency. I'm thinking it's been at least 8 months or more. The plan in my head had always been to have my children be closer together in age than my brother and I were (I attribute the 5 year age difference as cause for much of our difficulties with each other). Now it's looking like whether we go to China or wait for a call on the domestic side, this will be the age difference between Tyler and his sibling.

To make matters worse, Tyler has lately been announcing that he no longer wants a baby sister or brother. I can't really blame him. I think he's starting to realize what a cushy deal he has going. He never has to share his toys. He never has to share his parents. He's a smart kid. Too smart.

I am still working through my doubts and fears. The fact that I am considering leaving things as is and letting Tyler remain an only child scares me almost as much as the thought of having another baby in the house.

Meanwhile our forms for the China agency are still sitting here on my desk. I am still trying to recover from all the family drama and I can't bring myself to start the dossier process with the new agency. I'm still in a funk. I've been funked into immobility.

Tyler has yet another winter cold. Let's see if I can talk him into taking a nap (snicker!)


TJ said…
Special delivery! ROFLMAO!!!
If we could only keep them that age forever.
I am in a funk...right with you.
I did manage to clean my desk enough to pile up all the things I have been putting off.
Why do I procasinate?? ( casue I can i guess) Soon I will have no choice!
Unhinged said…
Man, I know all about being funked into immobility. It's no fun, is it? But you'll come out of it when you're ready.

Hey, Becky. I have a special delivery for you. ::burp::
Sara said…
Crying with laughter over Tyler's special delivery, that's the funniest thing I've heard all week!
Sara x
Donna said…
My kids were two years apart. All they ever did was fight, so I'm not sure there is any perfect spacing for kids.

I've seen a lot of healthy, well-adjusted only children. I'm my mom's only child, and my sister is 16 years older than I, so I guess I'm really truly an only child. Although I had LOTS of stuff to work through. Who knows, really, what's best?
Shari said…
Becky I'm lmao over Ty's special delivery, what a comic.
I am with you in the spacing deal, I really wanted another by now too and well it just hasn't happen. On the flip side Pete is an only child and completly well adjusted. He truly doesn't mind it at all. Hang in there I've been quite funky too (((hugs)))
Aria said…
Sarah always says"pull my finger" instead.

The joys of 4 year olds.

I have been telling myself that sibling harmony has little to do with spacing and a lot to do with personality. Frank's brother is 9 years younger and they get along fabulously.

Post holiday blah sucks. Feeling it over here too.
I'm sure if and when you adopt again, Tyler will cope. For what it's worth, Steve and I are seven years apart. We fought a bit, but he was a great brother to me once he his his teens.

lj said…
I hate to hear that you are in a funk. Maybe because of the wait in hearing more about a future baby? I am also sorry about the drama with the family. I always say to just quit getting the phone or the door. They'll give up eventually.
Love, lisa jo
My heart goes out to you;I know how low times can paralize. Whenever you adopt that second child, Tyler will learn to adapt. And so would you and your husband. I'm thinking about you a lot. Margo
Coy said…
Just stoping by to say Hi Becky.
Hoping your NewYear is off to a good start.
Hugs to Tyler he's sooooo bad!
*** Coy ***
BoiseLadie said…
Becky, I think you have nothing to lose by turning in and following up with any of your adoption thoughts and plans. The worse that can happen is you will end up the very same little family you have right now. Do your part in getting the paperwork in order and submitted and then let it be in God's hands after that. If it's ment to be, it will. And if it does, you and hubby and Ty will be thrilled with the new addition to your family. I find it amazing just how much love we moms have, how we can love one child so much we think there's no room for another child, but amazingly, there's a never ending well of love within us and plenty to go around. Hang in there, it's worth the hassles of getting there. I'm sending happy thoughts and good wishes your way!

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