Closet Geekiness

I have a secret dream. I want to attend the Consumer Electronics Show! I swear, it's like geek nirvana. That is the gig where all the cool gadget manufacturers announce their new devices.

For months now, John was asking me what I really wanted for Christmas. What did I want? I wanted a portable satellite radio device that would also play my MP3 collection. You know what? That kind of device just didn't exist. Until NOW! Someone took my dream device and made it a reality. I knew it was only a matter of time.

So add that to my wish list along with the cute little credit card sized digital camera I am also coveting.


TJ said…
I am rolling...I am a gismo freak myself!
Love it!!!!
Laura said…
I have a friend that never misses it....I imagine he is in geek heaven again.....maybe if my Zoƫ clicks her ruby slippers for you three times and we all wish real hard you can be there.....
Heh. I'd settle for my iPod playing conventional radio. (By the way, it's pink, in a clear sleeve. I call it Pinky.) - K.
Dawn said…
I'm with you. I would have loved to go to the show this year. I think it opened today in Vegas. I would love to see that credit card sized camera too. Dawn
Sara said…
Cool, me too!! We have a show like that here every year too, it's called the, erm, what is it called? The 'something' show, or exhibition, he he! Am such a bad rememberer ;o)
Sara x
Gabreael said…
I am an electronics freak myself.


PS - Journey Rocks

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