The one where Tyler gets a phone...

First off...Happy New Year!

I am having a Mommy moment. Not sure how I feel. John took Tyler to Best Buy today and got him his first cell phone. It's an inexpensive Tracfone with, like, 20 minutes to start. (I think John wants to see how he budgets his time.) My little boy has his own phone number. *sniff*

The discussion started innocently enough. He went over to a friend's house and the friend's Mom only uses a cell phone. There is no land line there. Tyler felt awkward asking the Mom to use her cell to call home and talk to us. So, when Tyler went over there again, I loaned him my phone in case he needed to call us. It's a very old phone. And pink. And sparkly. Tyler said he'd rather just try to Skype us on his iPod, but their wifi is kinda flaky at times. There were a couple friends over there, last night, for New Year's Eve. All the other boys had their own phone.

They are 12.

I am still trying to wrap my head around it. I didn't get my own phone until I was a teen. Even then, it was a gift from a friend and I just plugged it into the jack in my bedroom. So it was the house line...not my own phone number. Still, I vividly recall the sense of independence it gave me. I could call a friend and talk in the privacy of my OWN room and not have to stand in the kitchen anymore. It was a big deal!

Tyler, on the other hand, seems very nonchalant about having his own phone. Yeah, it's not a smart phone. But anyone can call him and he can call anyone. Yes, he could do that before with our house phone. Are we the only ones left in America with an actual land line? lol

I don't know. Maybe this isn't that big of a deal. But it FEELS huge to me.  How long before he is texting almost non-stop. I wonder...


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