It's been one of THOSE days...

I got my feeling hurt today. A group of people that I thought were friends...but it becomes plainly obvious that while I like them a great deal, they don't really give me a second thought. Yeah. Ouch. The husband was no help. I try to share feelings with him and he gets impatient and tells me a) you don't see them very much anymore so...out of sight = out of mind. and b) unfriend them all off FaceBook.  I know he is probably right about a) and b) is just plain childish. They probably don't even know they hurt my feelings. By not posting this on FaceBook, I am showing that this is NOT just my way of trying to get attention. No one reads my blog anymore. It's like it was back in the early days of AOL Journals. A true journal again. My private little place to share thoughts and feelings here on my corner of the internet. My very lonely corner of the internet.


I do miss having a bunch of readers tho. Supportive comments really do help a person feel better. Sometimes it sucks being a disabled introvert. It's very isolating. Yes, it takes a lot of energy to be social, but that doesn't mean I NEVER want to be with people. I like people. I like a lot of people. I miss people.

Don't mind me. Hurt feelings and a lot of tears today.


Emily Suess said…

I'm still here. And I was probably like your best reader anyway. Right? :)
Sara said…
More (((hugs))) from me.

You are one of my favourite online friends, Becky. I don't show my face often but I'm always around, lurking in the background somewhere. I think that the out of sight out of mind thing is very true... maybe remind these people that you are still around. I'm sure they'd be glad to hear from you, lovely.


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