Snow Day

We finally had another snow storm. We had a good one back in October but then it was just minor dustings since then. Not enough to make a decent snowman or go sledding. But last night we received a few inches! Now I'm glad I invested in the new snow gear for the boys. I thought I'd jinxed them for the whole season by being prepared.

I got Max bundled up with a minimal amount of grumbling. He has a long sleeve shirt, a sweat shirt, regular pants, ski-bib snow pants, a parka, 2 pairs of socks, snow boots, ear warmers and a Ninja Turtle hat on. Oh, and gloves. The main fight was over him wanting to still wear his Superman tee. I don't understand what these boys have against long sleeve shirts! Tyler had on a summer weight tee and a hoodie, sneakers with no socks and said he was ready. It's 18 degrees out with a wind chill of -5. Not ready.

After much argument, Tyler put on 2 pair of socks, his sneakers (he won't get boots), 2 tee shirts, regular pants, his snow bib ski pants, and last year's winter coat. I didn't see if he put gloves on. I did get him fingerless gloves for Christmas. He hates the way it feels when his fingers are covered. I'm pretty sure he will hate how COLD his fingers get even more. But he has to learn these things for himself. No one can TELL him anything. (Gee, that sounds uncomfortably familiar...) I am pretty sure he is hatless as well. Neither boy will wear a scarf. They both have balaclavas I bought last Christmas. Bet they forgot all about them.

As they were leaving, Max did a little scene from A Christmas Story. He fell on the floor and yelled "I can't get up!!!" What a ham. I hope they have fun sledding behind the high school.

As a side note, I bought Tyler those new snow pants this year. The only color in his size was brown. I knew he wouldn't really care what color they were, but brown snow pants reminded me of ME at his age. I had this orange, avocado green, brown and white color-block style winter coat with brown snow pants. Ugly as all heck. But I bet that coat was highly visible in the snow. Ha! Very 1970s.  I won't tell Tyler I had almost the same ski pants as his when I was his age. He won't appreciate that. :)

I remember my grandma made me a hat to match. Orange, green and brown stripes with a MASSIVE pom pom on top. Hideous. Matching mittens too. The woman could knit up a storm, but between my mother and her - I was a fashion nightmare. :)  I'll have to dig through my Mom's photos and see if she has any pics of me in the snow back then. I'm pretty sure she does.


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