Play Date

Tyler had a friend over today. It's always fun watching him interact with friends. It's a pretty rare thing, so I always pay close attention. I try to remind Ty to be nice, do what his friend wants to do as a priority, and to be hospitable. After a couple hours of play, I figured the boys must be getting hungry or thirsty. I dropped a few hints, but Tyler doesn't work that way. Finally I asked if anyone was thirsty. Aiden responded with, "Sure, what do you have to drink?" I was floored when Tyler proceeded to name every beverage we have in the house. Funny...the rest of the time when he asks for a drink he doesn't seem to have ANY IDEA what we have. *snort*

Aiden decided on a cherry Coke. Max gamely went to fetch one from the basement. Chuckling to myself, I reminded Tyler that not everyone is "weird" like us drinking room temp cans of soda and maybe Aiden would like a nice cup of ice...?  Aiden grinned at me and said, "Oh, everyone is weird to some extent. I like my soda this way too. Plus it feels pretty cold!"  I like that kid.

I had to laugh again when, at one point, the boys seemed to run out of things to do and Tyler suggested that Aiden go home so they could play on Xbox together. *facepalm*  But I guess it's nice that virtual Aiden is just as much fun as the real deal.

I'm just glad he got a drink and a snack. As the Mom, I feel my play date duties have been fulfilled if the visiting child/children have fun, have a drink, and at least one healthy snack. In this case, Max's sack of pistachios came in handy. He and Aiden demolished them!

Play date success!


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