Tricky Tray Today...Hooray!

LOL! Sorry for the title. I couldn't resist.

So, yes. In my new role as PTA mom (except we don't call it the PTA here)...I volunteered to work at Tyler's school's annual Tricky Tray. Until about a month ago, I had NO IDEA what the hell a tricky tray was. I recall seeing them advertised on church and school signs, but would just shake my head and wonder.

Now I've not only seen one in action, I can say I have working knowledge too. (Wonder if I should add this to my dusty old resume?)

No clue how much money was raised for the school, but the 50/50 drawing alone was for $725. I didn't win. Nor did I win the laptop that I bought 20 tickets for (sorry Kim, I tried!) Those were the only two things I put in for. In hind sight, I wish I'd put in for the boy's bike. It was a nice one and Tyler would have plotzed if I won. There were a few other trays that were interesting, but I was too busy selling tickets at one of the "specials" tables to go out on the floor and check things out.

Next year, now that I know how things work, I'll volunteer to work again and get there EARLY so I have time to buy tickets and cruise the floor before they open the doors.

The doors opened at 6:30 and the last tray/prize of the night was drawn at 10:45 pm. A very long night! But not surprising. There were around 250 standard trays to vie for, and 5 tables full of specials (where the tickets cost a bit extra because of the value of the prizes).

I can't wait until the next meeting when the budget portion of the agenda comes up. I expect this little fund raiser was a huge success. Maybe we'll be able to get the new sign for out in front of the school, the new scoreboard for the gym AND the new stage lighting. Maybe even some new playground equipment too!

This fund raising stuff is kinda fun. :-)

ADDED: What is a tricky-tray? OK, let's see if I can explain it in a brief and succinct way. People donate items for the fund raiser in the form of themed "trays". It can be a basket, box or actual tray that contains things like "Movie Night" which would be a DVD, box of popcorn, movie theater sized candy treats, and maybe some other fun item related to the film (wayfarer sunglasses with The Blues Brothers, for example); or "Spa in a Box" with cool massage tools, lotions, slippers, etc. to give you an at-home spa like experience; or "Weekend BBQ" with new tongs, a cookbook on grilling, a gift-cert from a local butcher or supermarket, oven mitt, etc. You get the idea.

There was bowling night, pizza night, mom's night off...not having to cook a meal was quite popular. There was a crock pot with cook book and seasonings; a cool waffle maker with cook book, waffle mix and syrup; baskets full of baby items for new mothers...I could go on and on. They line these "trays" up on long rows of tables and put a number on each one with a corresponding bag hanging on the front of the table. You buy tickets at the door, tear off a stub and put the stubs into any bag in front of any tray that appeals to you. At the end of the night, someone goes around and randomly picks a stub from the sack. If it matches your ticket number, you win the tray! There are special tickets, color coded to special prizes that cost extra, but the process is the same. If they pick your ticket number, you win. Like a massive raffle, really. Sounds fun, right? There was one fellow who won six trays! He got many an evil eye last night, let me tell you.


Liz said…
Hi Becky! Too bad you didn't win anything...maybe next time!

So, what exactly is a tricky tray?

~~Aunt Nub~~
Chris said…
You had me at BBQ tray:)
Anonymous said…
Sounds like fun. I've participated in something like that but they didn't call it Tricky Tray. Can't remember what they called it but that's probably because my brain is "fried" these days. I get the "tray" part but still not sure about the "tricky" part.

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