American Idol MeMe

I am inspired by last night's episode of American Idol. Here's the scenario:

You are an amazing singer and have the opportunity to showcase your talent on TV. You must pick a song that was popular in the year you were born. What song do you pick and why?

OK. 1966...let's see. Going down the Top 100 list from that year, I pick: You Don't Have To Say You Love Me by Dusty Springfield

I like just about every song that was popular from the year I was born, so it wasn't an easy choice. I could just picture me singing that song and doing a pretty good job of it.

Your turn. You can blog it and leave a link here, or just respond in comments. Extra extra credit if you really SING the song and send me an MP3 or post yourself on YouTube.

UPDATE: Donna responded HERE. Thanks Donna!
ANOTHER UPDATE: And she SANG too!!! Come on people, top that!
YET ANOTHER: Liz joins the fun here!


Donna. W said…
Oh, you had such good choices! I got married that year.

I'll do this if I can find any songs I've ever heard of. Wish me luck.
Donna. W said…
I'm cooking up a scheme here: I noticed Leadbelly's version of "Irene Good Night" is on the 1944 list. That's my style of song, and I can use my guitar with it. Since ole Jerry didn't think I was dressed up enough for my last live appearance on-line, I'm thinking I might put on a pair of Cliff's overalls and his farmer straw hat for this one, and post the song on my blog after all. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

So be prepared.
Donna. W said…
Alrighty, the video is on my AOL journal now. Haaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!
Monica said…
IF I had a singing voice I think I'd sing 'Fever' - Peggy Lee. Yes, I'm old.

When I sing, all the neighbor dogs howl.

Chris said…
For 1967 I'd pick Ode To Billie Joe only because I like rhyming Choctaw Ridge with Tallahatchee Bridge :)
Liz said…
Count me in, my fellow '66 baby! I've posted my come on over & check it out.

~~Aunt Nub~~
Anonymous said…
Mine would have to be Unchained Melody. No particular reason except maybe because my voice would have to be good to pull that one off and it's so NOT! It's also one of the few I know.

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